Why is Datkey secure? What makes it secure?

Datkey is secure because we never store the API Key in our database. Instead we store the encrypted version of the API Key. This means that even if our database is compromised, your API Keys are safe. You should follow a similar pattern in your own applications by providing the API key to your user and not storing it in your database either.

We manage the keys by using the unique id that each key is given when it is created. This id allows you as developer to update or delete the key, but this id cannot be used to verify the key.

Where are API keys stored?

We don’t store API Keys, we store a hash of the API Key (AES256). This is then stored in our database. When you attempt to verify the API Key, we hash the API Key you provide and compare it to the hash we have stored. If they match, then the API Key is valid.